Opening Day at Tanglewood Park is March 29th!

Our Story

The concept of Softgolf™ started in 1974 and it took 5 years from concept, research, developing prototypes, receiving patents to the first operation in Delran, NJ in 1979.  Ray, Jr.s parents Raymond, Sr. and Blanche Baldorossi operated the first Softgolf™ course serving raving fans and repeat customers for ten years. Fast forward to today.  Softgolf ™ now has a durable ball and equipment that glows in the dark for fun, nighttime golf play. We're excited to now have Softgolf™ in Clemmons, NC offering a new outdoor activity to the Winston-Salem and greater Triad area.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide the best outdoor entertainment venue for people of all ages and skill levels to enjoy golf in a fun, entertaining way creating lifetime memories, deeper connections while increasing interest and the growth of golf through Softgolf.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to create the best entertainment venue for families, friends, and businesses to experience fun through games for people of all skill levels creating deeper connections, reducing stress, and increasing joy while offering a unique experience. Contact us to learn more about future franchising opportunities. 

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How the Game is Played

Softgolf is a full swing golf game using 3 larger faced clubs, a driver, wedge and putter to hit 4 1/2 inch foam balls into 12 inch holes. We have 9 holes at our course at Tanglewood Park in Clemmons, NC. The holes are mostly par 4's with the average hole being 100 yards in length. On a good hit the ball will go approximately 80 yards (although we've had customers hit it over 100). At night the grounds stay dark, the tee-boxes, holes, flags, balls and clubs light up and glow in the dark adding ambience and challenge to the game. 

Our Commitment to Green Energy

Softgolf cares about our planet and that’s why we’re active in conserving water, utilizing green energy, recycling, and refrain from using pesticides and harsh chemicals. Here are some of the ways we are caring for our beautiful planet:

No Watering, Fertilizers, or Pesticides

Unlike most courses we do not water our grounds or use any pesticides, fertilizers or chemicals. We are fortunate we are in an area (climate) where our grounds stay fairly nice without any assistance on our behalf.

Solar Power

We use solar power to light up and operate Softgolf. Imagine our course lit up for nighttime play the holes, flags, balls, clubs, scorecard stands, and tee-off boxes all illuminated through the power of the Sun. Our GEM electric vehicle already provides us with the ability to set up and tear down the course daily without the use of gas.

Future Softgolf Locations

Softgolf owns 35,000 sq ft  of synthetic turf we plan to utilize for our greens. (Since we operate in a park on Government property, we are not able to use it at our current location).  We plan to use synthetic turf for our greens. This will ensure our patrons have a nice course to play without us using water, harsh chemicals or using gas guzzling machines. We”ll also be investing in electric lawn mowers recharged with solar power panels and to have a maintenance free driving range at our next location. Our innovations in ground care will help keep the Earth healthier and keep our operating costs lower.

100-Year Ball

Softgolf President, Raymond Baldorossi Jr. recently designed, built and tested a ball that he believes will last over 100 years.  Having a ball that will last over 100 years, is Earth-friendly because it’s not necessary to continuously use fossil fuels to manufacture more balls. It plays well, is resistant to harsh chemicals, oils, hot and cold temperatures, UV rays, and it cleans to a new look easily. It also retains its shape very well. It can be run over with a tank and quickly regain its original shape.  The best thing about it is it can be mass-produced and while we are still testing and making some small adjustments to it, we’ll be mass producing it soon. It has performed well in every portion of testing and exceeded all expected quality levels in every category of specified criteria.

Staying Informed

We pay attention to the newest innovations. When we learn about something new that helps Softgolf operate more proficiently and cleaner we will make every effort to utilize it.

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